5 Unusual Places to Eat in Paris

Le Bel Canto

One of the most unique diner experiences you can have in Paris is found at “Le Bel Canto“.  At the Bel Canto the servers are opera singers who will serenade you while they serve your food!

They servers are all either students training to be opera singers on stage or young professional singers that enjoys the proximity with their audience. Someone will sing a new song every 15 minutes or so during your meal. The songs are extracted from some of the most famous operas and can be solo arias, dramatic duets, troubling trios, and even intricate quartets.  The singers are not on a stage but stand and walk very close to you while performing.

Le Bel Canto restaurant isn’t just about music, it’s also about food. On the menu you will find many wonderful kinds of traditional French food such as foie gras and millefeuille (Napoleon cake).  They make a point of offering a little bit of everything so that they can please everyone who comes in.  So there will always be an option for  vegetarian dishes and a children’s option as well.

Le Bel Canto – 72 quai de l’hôtel de ville, 75004 PARIS.

Open every evening from 7:30 PM.

For reservations: 0033 (0)1 42 78 30 18 or paris@lebelcanto.com

Le Café des Chats5-unusual-places-to-eat-in-paris-1

Le Café des Chats (The Cafe with Cats) is a French café where you can eat in a room full of cats. The concept comes from Japan, but is very suited for a town like Paris where a lot of people live in apartments and aren’t allowed to have a cat as a pet.

The owners of the café selected the cats with one basic criteria in mind: their sociability with humans and others cats.  So you can be sure that they are all very friendly felines.

All of the cats in the café were animals that had been abandoned by their owners or born as strays on the street. This is why the owners of the café work really hard to create a warm home like environment for them.

That being said the café owners also focus on their guests and the quality of food they serve. This is why they serve good homemade food.  They use mostly organic products and they change their menu according to the season. They always propose traditional French dishes and French wines for the evening service and you can also visit in the afternoon to enjoy a tea or coffee with a pastry.  On the weekend you can also have a brunch and expect that a friendly cat will jump on your lap for a cuddle.

As you can imagine a large part of the money raised in the café is used to take care of the cats daily needs but also their medical needs such as visits to the veterinarian. So you can enjoy spending your money their even more as you will be doing a good deed by eating their good food and enjoying the furry, purring, company.

Le Café des Chats – 16 rue Michel Le Comte, 75003 Paris or 9 rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 10:30 PM.

For reservations: +33973533581 or contact@lecafedeschats.fr

Le Wagon Bleu5-unusual-places-to-eat-in-paris-3

If you like cosy little places full of history or are a fan of Agatha Christie then you’ll love this restaurant!  It is called Le Wagon Bleu (The Blue Wagon).  It is a special and unusual restaurant that allows you to dine in an authentic train car or wagon of the Orient Express. This restaurant takes you back in time and sends you on an imaginary journey trough a foreign land full of history.

The menu proposes dishes for everyone, simples ones, elaborates ones, unusual ones and some traditional ones from the island of Corsica.  (Where Napoleon was born.) This is a little gem in the Batignolles neighborhood where you can enjoy a great meal and then walk around the corner and be part of a truly local ambiance. We guarantee that there will be no other tourists around!

Le Wagon Bleu – 7 rue Boursault, 75017 Paris.

Open every evening and on Saturday and Sunday for lunch as well.

For reservations: +331 45 22 35 25

Dans le noir? 5-unusual-places-to-eat-in-paris-4

The restaurant “Dans le noir?” (In the Dark?) proposes a very unusual dining experience. The food is wonderful, the service is very friendly and the atmosphere is convivial at all times.  The uniqueness of this establishment come from the fact that you will not be able to see your food at all. The menu will be chosen before you enter the dinning area which is in complete darkness.

The food is  of the highest quality and copious in quantity and was prepared for you by a famous chef.  The fact that while eating you are guided and served by blind people makes this restaurant a one of a kind in Paris. The concept that launched it was simple. Without your eyes to see you will experience the food without any preconceptions.

On a different matter the concept of this restaurant helps question the importance of appearances in general, not only about food but about your relationship to those around you and how different people see the world.

Dans le noir? – 51 Rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris.

Open every evening and on Saturday and Sunday for lunch as well.

For reservations: +331 42 77 98 04

Sur un arbre perché5-unusual-places-to-eat-in-paris-5

The concept of the restaurant “Sur un arbre perché” (Perched on a tree) is to have a healthy, natural, relaxing meal while you eat sitting on a swing. The name of the restaurant is a direct quote from a verse of a fable written by a famous French author named La Fontaine.

The restaurant is mostly about the ambiance and the swings but the food is also very good. The meals are freshly made and typical of French cuisine. If you want a truly relaxing experience at this restaurant then don’t just order food and drinks order a massage.  Yeah,  they have those on the menu for dessert.

Just a little advice be sure to make a reservation mentioning the swings because they only have a few available and they fill up fast.

Sur un arbre perché – 1 rue du 4 Septembre 75002 Paris.

Open every evening.

For Reservations: 01 42 96 97 01 or reservation@surunarbreperche.com