Burgundy Snails or Escargots de Bourgogne


Snails are adorable little creatures that show up a lot after rainy day. Nevertheless in France they are consider as a delicious meal. We cook and eat only a special kind of snail called Helix Pomatia under the name Escargots de Bourgogne. France eats about 30 000 tonnes of it every year. It is very popular! So popular that the wild pick up of those creature is controlled and than most of them grow in farms. Eating snails starts when humanity starts, they are low in fat and high in proteins! French cuisine just added the marvelous sauce that comes with it.

img_0408So how do we cook it!? It s very easy! You need to remove the snail from its shell, to mix it with butter, garlic and parsley. Then put it back in his shell with a little bit of sauce on it, put all of that in an oven leave it until the butter starts to sing and served. They are a traditional starter for a celebration meal, like Christmas. But it is also consider as a good dish to have as a starter in a traditional French restaurant. So next time you go for French food, Go snails! I wonder if any sport team as a snail as a mascot!?

img_0409Of course do not leave your snails alone! A good wine from burgundy will do its best job accompanying your starter. A Pinot Noir, a light wine all in the subtlety of the flavors, like a Côte de Beaune or a Côte de Nuit. If it s an amazing moment with a big budget you can try to get a bottle sold during the famous charity event at “Les Hospices de Beaunes” in Burgundy. A event where some the best bottle of Burgundy are sold to fund hospital and hospice of the city of Beaune. Paradise, with snails and wine.