Top 10 places to have a pic nic in Paris and around

1.Place Dauphine

This square is our favorite here at Blue Fox Travel, it is a lovely place hidden from the crowd in the heart of Paris on the Island of the city. The triangle square is a famous spot for “Pétanque”. There are bench where you can put your stuff and play around.


2. Bridge Alexander III

Under the bridge is a beautiful spot on the side of the river to have a pic nic with one of the most amazing view in the world. Seven years ago the road was close for cars. It is now only dedicated to bikes and pedestrians. Also if you run out of foods or drinks very nice (and expensive) bars are around the bridge.


3. Les Buttes Chaumonts

This big garden on the North East of Paris is famous to be very hilly and very green. once your in it’s hard to imagine you are in a top capital of the world. very peacful and full with parisians.


4. The river side around and on the two city center island

In front of the island St Louis and of the island of the city the side of the river are very nice to enjoy a pic nic with a cool view. my favorite spot is actually on the island of the city at the western point of the island there is a small parc and after the parc a unique spot where you can admire “le pont des arts”, “le Louvre” and the dome of the french academy. around the islands left bank or right bank doesn’t matter both are nice.


5. Le Champs de Mars

Of course one of the best place for a pic nic! the view says it all! just watch out for your stuff, and no this is not real champagne that the illegal sellers are selling. So don’t pay it more than 5€!

Tourists relaxing in park near Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

6. The garden of Versailles

You’ll have to go outside of Paris for this one. but a pic nic in the garden of Versailles really worth the trip! it’s majestuous and so French. Make sure to go at the food market of Versailles first!


7. Parc of St Cloud

this parc is on the south west of Paris a few minutes away from the end of line 10. Climbing to the top of the parc is not a piece of cake. but eating a piece of cake in front of the view worth it!


8. Canal St Martin

canal st martin is famous to be a hot spot for young adults to go for pic nic. Big advantage of this place around canal St Martin you have a lot of small fine grocery shops where you can buy everthing and seat near the water after. The Best spot is around the street “La grange aux belles”


9. Bassin de la villette or Canal de l’Ourc

More space here in the continuity of Canal st Martin, to had a “Pétanque party to your pic nic. prefere the side called Quai de Loire, because you can keep the sun longer on this side.



10. In the small parc near your place!

the best pic nic are made out of friends and lovers, so choose a place where you feel good with a nice view a not too many people crossing by and enjoy your cheese, wine, delicatessen and laught. Because Paris is about Life!