What to do in Paris when it rains?

When it’s raining in Paris you can’t go visit the Eiffel Tower because the view will be terrible, you can’t take a boat cruse because you won’t be able to go on the upper deck, you can’t take a bike tour because you are afraid to catch a cold so what is there left to do?


The first answer to this question is of course to go in a museum. Paris has a lot of famous museums, the Louvre and the Orsay museum for example but they are usually crowed when it rains. So for a nicer visit until the rains stops you can choose to go into a less famous museum.




Carnavalet Museum


Among those the Carnavalet museum is a great choice, it is in the middle of the Marais (a neighborhood right in the center of Paris) and is about the history of Paris.



Rodin Museum


The Rodin museum is also an interesting one to visit. This museum shows you a lot of work of the sculptor Rodin but also some of his sketches and work he was inspired by. Another example of a nice museum to go waiting for the rain to stop is the Cluny museum. It’s the museum of the Middle Ages and there you can see among other things the original statues of Notre Dame or the tapestries of the famous Woman with the Unicorn.




Cluny Museum


But going to visit a museum isn’t your only option if you want to find shelter from the rain. You can also go shopping in an inside area. For that you can go in one of the many malls there are in Paris or you can go in one of the passages of Paris. Passages are covered areas that pass trough blocks of buildings and where you can find an ancient and cool atmosphere along with great shops.



La Fayette Galeries, Boulevard Haussman


Another choice for inside shopping is the La Fayette Galeries in Haussman Boulevard. The building they are in is really beautiful and you will be able to find a lot of fancy French clothes, perfumes, bags, make up and jewelry!





Visits and shopping are of course a must do in Paris but let’s not forget the best reason to visit France: the food. So if it rains and you are feeling hungry just hop inside a tea salon or a café and order a drink with a pastry to fill your stomach till the rain stop. If it’s lunch time or diner time, you need to find a place to eat before getting completely soaked by the rain. Here are a few tips to help you find a good place:

  • Avoid any fast food place, they are usually full of people when it rains,
  • Look at the menu before walking inside a restaurant, most places show their menu on the outside,
  • Don’t let any of the people working inside the restaurant talk you in if you don’t like the menu,
  • Be careful if the deal is too good, if you have a cheap menu with foie gras, duck and escargots, which are all fancy food, it usually means that the quantity are small and that it won’t be top quality food.



Tunnel in the Catacombs of Paris


Another cool thing to do in Paris to avoid the rain is to go under the city. A few places will allow you to do that. The more obvious is the catacombs of Paris. The temperature is kind of cold (14°C, 57 Fahrenheit) but with a sweater you will be ok and protected from the rain. The visit is about an hour and a half and if you take a guided tour not only you can skip the line but you will also hear all the creepy stories of the catacombs and access two areas where only the groups can go.



Tunnel in the Sewers of Paris


If you don’t feel like seeing human remains tough, you can go visit the sewers of Paris. This guided tour will take you under the city and tell you interesting stories about the water systems of Paris.


Now that you know that there are a lot of things to do in Paris even when it rains: don’t hesitate, book your tickets!