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Saint-Emilion Half-Day Tour from Bordeaux

2 Chateaux, 6 Tastings, and Chocolate pairing

Small Group Tour

Saint-Emilion wine tour
Saint-Emilion wine tour

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Saint Emilion Wineries and Grand Cru wines

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Discover the picturesque right bank of the Bordeaux region when you visit Saint Emilion! You’ll visit the vineyards and wine cellars of two prestigious Chateaux as well as the adorable town of Saint Emilion which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Saint-Emilion is one of the most famous wine producing regions in the world and home to the noble Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc grapes.

On this tour you’ll learn how the vinters (wine makers) assemble these grapes to make their own uniquely harmonious wines.This adventure is all about learning to appreciate the unique “terroir” of Saint Emilion. To do that you’ll be visiting two Chateau wineries with the Grand Cru and Grand Cru Classé titles. You’ll walk through the vineyards, see the grape press, learn about and tour a monolithic limestone cellar full of oak barrels and thousands of bottles of wine.

But the best part is the personal welcome that you will receive at both wineries. You’ll see passion in person and learn about the real people who make the wines of this region so remarkable. At both Chateaux you will be invited to taste from several different wines. You will enjoy at least 6 tastings from different cuvées and learn how to pair them with chocolate!

Limestone cellars
Limestone cellars

Merlot grapes and a Limestone Cellars

This adventure will start when you meet up with your guide in front of the Tourism Office in Bordeaux. Our small team of expert guides has only witty and charming people in it. All of them truly enjoy sharing the history of Bordeaux and it’s amazing wines with others. So you can be sure that the tour will be fun, interesting, and full of humor.

The drive to the first Chateau is only 45 minutes long. You’ll be riding in comfort in one of our brand new, 8 passenger vans with big, forward facing, seats and fresh air conditioning. Your first stop of the day will be at a father and daughter Grand Cru Classé winery with an impressive, monolithic, limestone cave full of Oak barrels.

You’ll tour their mostly Merlot vineyard and learn about their family history dating back to 1847 as well as their winemaking process that uses mostly Merlot and some Cabernet-Franc grapes. Here you’ll learn how the soil and seasons affect the grapes and the vintages and be able to taste 3 of their most prestigious wines and learn how to pair them with chocolate.

Village of Saint-Emilion
Village of Saint-Emilion

The Medieval Town of Saint Emilion

Then you’ll be off to explore the charming little town of Saint Emilion which gave its name to the region. The picture perfect, hilltop, town of Saint-Emilion is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Saint-Emilion was founded in the 800’s and has a long and interesting history to discover.

Your guide will share about the monk named Emilion who, while trying to get away from the world in order to be a hermit, accidentally founded the town when he started doing miracles. You’ll see the picturesque views from the top of the hill over the dozens of vineyards that surround the town and sigh in appreciation.

Then you will have free time to wander through the little cobblestone streets of this medieval town and see for yourself what makes it so unique.This town is full of charm! Saint Emillion will really open your eyes to just how adorable towns in the French countryside can be. After you’ve finished exploring the town you’ll be on your way to the second Chateau of the day and more amazing wine.

Try 6 different wines
Try 6 different wines

Grand Cru Vintage Wines

After the visit to the town of Saint Emilion you’ll be off again into the countryside to meet another charming winemaker and tour their unique vineyard. It will certainly be one with a Grand Cru title and a unique way of making wine. We believe that it is important to see the differences between one winery and another. As not all vintners go about making wine in the same way!

Some prefer to use all new organic processes while others use more traditional means. Some use cement aging vats while others prefer stainless steel or even to use giant wooden vats. Each vintner and their techniques are slightly different but all are charming, welcoming, and proud to share their way of making Grand Cru wines.

Each Vintner has his or her own story of how and why they became wine makers and the encounter that you will have with them will be authentic and genuine. We want you not only to appreciate their wine but also the unique stories behind each flavorful sip of it. To help you do that you will be invited to taste at least 3 wines from several different millesime or vintages at the same chateau.

Good to Know:

  • No meals are included in this tour. You can eat lunch/dinner once you get back to Bordeaux.
  • It is possible to buy wine at all the wineries we visit during the tour.
  • While our guides do accept well aged wines as proof of gratitude for a job well done, it is often easier just to remember to bring along a little cash and give a traditional “tip” at the end of your tour.
Saint-Emilion Half-Day Tour from Bordeaux

Group size

Max. 8 pers. per tour



What's Included

  • Transportation by luxury A/C minibus
  • Visit of 2 wineries
  • Free time in Saint-Emilion village
  • 2 X 3 tastings


All of our tours are commented in English

Dates & Times

All year
Mon-Sat 8AM or 2PM

Meeting point

Bordeaux Tourism Office

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Reservation required

Tour Highlights

2 wineries in the Saint Emilion

2 wineries in the Saint Emilion

Every winery has its own unique history! Visit two very different Chateau Wineries, meet the winemakers, and learn about their family history and love of red wines.

Taste at least 6 different wines!

Taste at least 6 different wines!

There is no better way to learn about wine than to taste it and compare it with other wines. So we offer you the chance to taste at least 6 different wines on this tour!

Chocolate pairing

Chocolate pairing

Learn how to pair chocolate with wine and get them both to express aromas you never thought were hidden inside of them.

Learn about Grand Cru Classé

Learn about Grand Cru Classé

Maybe you’ve heard of a Grand Cru before, but what about a Grand Cru Classée? It’s an even fancier title. You'll learn about it and taste the difference too!

Limestone cellars

Limestone cellars

Limestone is not just great for growing grapes it is also perfect for quarrying stone from. Visit a cellar that is in an ancient quarry filled with oak barrels of wine.

Walk among the vineyards

Walk among the vineyards

Have you ever touched the rough leaves of a grapevine or gently pinched a plumb grape that is still on the vine? You will when you join us on this tour.

Oak barrels

Oak barrels

All the best red wines are aged in oak barrels. Take a selfie in a cellar with hundreds of big oak barrels full of amazing red wine behind you!

Explore Saint Emilion’s village

Explore Saint Emilion’s village

This town is adorable! It is a real countryside town, surrounded by vineyards, with tiny medieval streets paved with stones. Enjoy some free time here to explore!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in the group?
We like to share special moments with everyone who joins us on this tour. As such we limit the group to only 8 people.
What is the Cancellation Policy?
We provide full refunds for anyone who cancels their tour, via email, at least 24 hours before the tour is scheduled to start. Once within 24 hours of the tours start we do not provide refunds for any reason.
What is the difference between Médoc and Saint-Emilion?

Médoc and Saint-Emilion are 2 sub-regions of the well known Bordeaux wine region.

Médoc is located north-west of Bordeaux, on the south bank of the Gironde estuary. The landscape is very flat, the wineries are very large with vast vineyards and the chateaux (castles) are very beautiful and impressive. Médoc is divided into even smaller prestigious appellations such as Margaux or Saint-Estèphe as the soil from one estate to the next can vary greatly. The main grape used here is the Cabernet-Sauvignon (50% of all grapes, up to 85% in some wineries).

Saint-Emilion is located east of Bordeaux on the north bank of the Dordogne river, the landscape has rolling hills and the wineries are smaller, most of them still family run. The main grape used here is the Merlot (60% of all grapes).

Both regions are planted with Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes and each winery creates its own style by blending the different grapes. That is why it is best to try multiple wineries to taste the differences!

Can I buy bottles of wine during the tour and bring them home?

Yes, we can fit up to 3 cases (18 bottles) of wine per person in the van and bring it back to Bordeaux with you. Once in Bordeaux you’ll have to figure out how to bring the wine back home with you on your own.

It is possible to ship them in the mail and it is also possible to bring some bottles back in your checked luggage. We do not know every airline's limitations so it is best to check with your specific airline before packing your bags to go home.

As for the border customs limit it depends on each country/state, please check ahead. Usually anything that is obviously for a personal consumption (a few bottles) is not taxed.

How many tastings are included?
At each winery you will have 3 different wines, so a total of 6 during the whole tour.
How far in advance should I book?
This small group tour fills up very quickly! We suggest that you make your booking at least 4 weeks in advance in order to be able to have first choice of the travel dates.
Can kids join this tour? What is the legal drinking age in France?

We accept children that are at least 7 years old on this tour. While this tour’s content was not planned out with kids in mind we do allow children that are aged at least 7 years old to join it with one of their parents. Kids younger than 7 years cannot join this tour as we do NOT have the suitable baby/child seats for them to ride in that are required by European law.

There is no legal drinking age in France for minors who are under the supervision of a parent. However, please know that your child will not be served any wine on this tour as the wineries we work with do not serve anyone under 18 years old. You are however legally allowed to have them taste from your own glass. It is illegal to allow a minor to become inebriated (drunk). The legal age to buy alcohol in France is 18yrs old.

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