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Every family wants to visit the Louvre! It is the biggest museum in the world and the only place where you can see so many famous pieces of art while wandering through a more than 700 years old Palace built by Kings. It’s so huge and impressive that sometimes it can even be a little intimidating to some families.

Our Adventure in The Louvre tour was specifically designed to make visiting the Louvre fun and engaging for the whole family. This tour is a treasure hunt with challenges to do and clues to follow that will lead you from one chef-d'oeuvre to another. From Mona Lisa to the Venus de Milos and from Liberty Leading the People to Winged Victory you’ll see all of the greatest works of art in the Louvre and have fun doing it.

Our guides know how to capture and keep your kids attention as they truly enjoy sharing the Louvre with families! There are no dry facts or boring lectures on this tour. At every stop the information we share is interesting for the whole family. The tour itself usually lasts about 2.5hrs long depending on your ability to answer questions on the spot and figure out the clues to the next stop.

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